Board of Directors

smiling women in a red and white dress with dangling earrings.

Chairman of the Board:

Monique Jackson
Arbormasters Utility Company



smiling man in a dark jacket

Vice Chairman:

Grady Wood



Blonde woman with blue dress and a pearl necklace.


Christa Figgins
Legal Aid Services



Bearded dark haired man in grey suit jacket and white tie.

Jerry Day
SMC Construction




Dark haired woman in a black dress.

Olivia Alvarez
State of Oklahoma




smiling blonde woman with shoulder length hair.Kathy Winslow
Just Between Friends




smiling woman with dark hair and gold necklace.

Kashaunda Hudson



The OIC Advisory Board

  • Ollie Haskins
  • Larry Hawkins
  • Robert McCampbell
  • Henrietta Meadows